Evaluation of PMCV Accreditation Program

The PMCV Accreditation Committee reviews the accreditation process annually.

After each survey visit the facility is given the opportunity to provide feedback on the survey team performance and on the accreditation process.  This data is collated into a de-identified report at the end of each year for consideration by the Accreditation Committee and the team leader group.  Proposed changes arising from this feedback are considered by the Committee and if appropriate, recommendations for change are forwarded to the PMCV Board for endorsement.

PMCV also monitors the timelines of the accreditation program and undertakes a thematic analysis of junior doctor feedback, conditions and recommendations annually.

PMCV will review the accreditation standards at least every five years. This review will be undertaken by the Accreditation Committee or a delegated working party and will involve consultation with key stakeholders.

Policies and guidelines relevant to accreditation are reviewed every three years.

All revisions to the accreditation standards, policies and guidelines recommended by the Committee are forwarded to the PMCV Board for approval.

PMCV Accreditation Program Monitoring and Evaluation Framework 2018-2022

Evaluation PMCV Accreditation Program 2014-2017

Evaluation of 2016 PMCV Accreditation Program Report

Evaluation of 2015 PMCV Accreditation Program Report

Evaluation of 2014 PMCV Accreditation Program Report