Accreditation Standards

Intern training programs must enable interns to acquire a broad range of knowledge and skills through the achievement of explicit learning objectives to ensure they meet the requirements for general registration.  The intern year must meet the mandatory requirements of the Medical Board of Australia documented in the Intern Registration Standard and the National Intern Training Framework.

Training resource for surveyors on the NITF and the new PMCV standards 2014

The PMCV accreditation standards explicitly outline the requirements to be met by facilities in the delivery of intern and PGY2 education and training.  

PMCV may accredit a program or posts if it is reasonably satisfied that they meet the accreditation standards.  

PMCV may also accredit a program or posts that substantially meet the accreditation standards where conditions or recommendations are set which must be met in a reasonable time period.

The junior doctor training programs provided by facilities must meet the PMCV accreditation standards and are assessed across the following eight domains:

1.            The context in which prevocational medical training is delivered.

2.            Organisational purpose.

3.            The intern/PGY2 training program.

4.            The training program - Teaching and learning.

5.            Assessment of learning.

6.            Monitoring and evaluation.

7.            Implementing the education and training framework - junior doctors.

8.            Implementing the training framework -Delivery of educational resources.

In preparation for assessment for accreditation, facilities are expected to rate themselves against each standard using a three-point rating scale and provide comments to demonstrate their compliance with each standard.

Accreditation standards and the evidence required to demonstrate compliance