Survey Teams

PMCV accreditation relies on volunteer team leaders and surveyors drawn from medical education and training in health service, general practices and other settings.

Survey teams are established to undertake the assessment of applications for accreditation at new facilities and provide recommendations in relation to re-accreditation of facilities that provide intern and/or PGY2 training programs in Victoria.  The team, via the Team Leader, reports to the PMCV Accreditation Committee.

 PMCV Accreditation survey team member position description

Composition of the survey team

A survey team normally comprises four people with medical administration, medical education (has specific knowledge of junior doctor education and support), senior clinician (has experience of supervising junior doctors) and junior doctor representation.   Each team has a nominated Team Leader who has a range of responsibilities outlined in a later section and is supported by the Accreditation Manager (provide support and is the liaison between the team and the facility).

The composition and membership of survey teams is determined by the Chair of the Accreditation Committee and the Team Leader for the visit, following expressions of interest from surveyors to participate.  Facilities have the opportunity to review and approve the proposed members of a survey team.


Responsibilities of the survey team

PMCV accreditation visits are conducted by survey teams using defined and clearly articulated accreditation standards.  Such visits should be constructive with the main objective being the promotion of junior doctor education and training in a supportive learning environment.

In representing PMCV, survey team members must exhibit the following values:  integrity, professionalism, objectivity and impartiality and must also ensure that all comments, questions and observations align with PMCV guidelines.   Survey team members must also keep all information acquired during a visit strictly confidential and continually avoid any conflict of interest.

The main purpose of the survey team is to conduct a comprehensive review of the supervision and training received by interns and PGY2s at the facility being assessed. The survey team evaluates the facility as an effective training site, evaluates each junior doctor post and also recommends improvements in education and training for junior doctors.

The primary consideration of the review is the promotion of prevocational medical education and training in a supportive learning environment and, although the survey team is responsible for ensuring compliance with the accreditation standards, it is important to continually emphasise quality improvement as a major focus of the visit.

Survey team members are expected to participate fully in survey visits including reading all available documentation, identifying issues, asking questions during the visit and contributing to the report.

Survey team members must ensure that they:

  • Read the submission provided by the facility, review the report of the previous visit, and identify issues to the team leader that may require clarification, prior to the visit.
  • Participate in the pre-visit meeting 2-3 weeks prior to the visit (usually by teleconference) to prepare for the visit.  The objectives of this meeting are to review the facility submission and identify areas requiring further information, develop a plan for the visit including delegation of responsibilities to team members, review the junior doctor survey reports and review the recommendations from the previous survey visit.
  • Arrive promptly on the day of the visit and are prepared.  There will be an initial preparatory meeting of the survey team.  Following introductions, the team will review the timetable for the day and survey team members will be delegated their responsibilities in regards to leading meetings and asking questions by the team leader.
  • Assist the team leader, during the visit, to ask objective and open-ended questions and seek clarification in regards to any issues arising from the documentation or discussions which align with the standards and PMCV guidelines (e.g. industrial employment matters are generally outside scope).  All questions must be focused on the accreditation standards.
  • Assist the team leader, at the end of the visit, in identifying the strengths and immediate concerns which may impact on junior doctor welfare/safety in preparation for the debriefing which occurs at the end of the day to provide feedback to the facility.  Participate in discussions to assess whether the facility is meeting the accreditation standards (ratings are to be completed as part of the visit).  Note that recommendations and potential duration of accreditation outcomes are not disclosed at this debriefing.
  • Thoroughly review and provide comments/ changes to the draft report of the survey visit, in a timely manner, to assist the Team Leader to finalise the report.  The report is expected to be tabled at the next available Accreditation subcommittee meeting and so is usually completed within 2-3 weeks of the survey visit.

Survey team members are expected to sign a form to acknowledge and agree to fulfil the expectations of an accreditation survey team member, as set out in the PMCV Accreditation Survey Team Member Position Description, in regards to confidentiality, conflict of interest, objectivity and survey visit responsibilities for each visit they attend.

Surveyors must participate in at least two survey visits every two years.


Becoming a surveyor

Surveyors may be nominated by:
•    a health service/general practice or other organisation/professional body;
•    invitation from the PMCV; or
•    self-nomination and endorsement by PMCV.

Surveyors may include the following:
•    A medical administrator;
•    A Director of Clinical Training/Supervisor Prevocational Training/Term Supervisor;
•    Medical Education Officer (MEO);
•    HMO Manager;
•    Junior doctors (from inter);
•    Senior medical staff/consultants with experience in the supervision of registrar/prevocational trainee supervision;  and
•    General practitioners with experience in registrar/prevocational trainee supervision.

Surveyors (other than junior doctors) generally will have had a minimum of two years’ experience in their professional role and their nomination as a surveyor should be supported by their health service/general practice’s Director of Medical Services or equivalent.

All surveyors are required to attend an initial training workshop.

If you are interested in becoming an PMCV surveyor please contact Monique Le Sueur, Accreditation Manager, on 03 9670 1066.


Conflict of Interest and Confidentiality

Conflict of Interest
PMCV relies on surveyors to avoid survey visits where a conflict of interest may exist and members of survey teams should notify the Accreditation Manager if there is the possibility of a conflict of interest with the facility being surveyed.

Examples of conflict of interests include:

•    Current or previous employment (< 3 years) at the parent health service or facility to be surveyed (& exclude immediate previous health service for junior doctors).
•    Professional or financial involvement in the facility.
•    Current application for employment at the facility to be surveyed.

Conflict of Interest Policy

If a facility to be surveyed believes there is potential for a conflict of interest, they should notify the Accreditation Manager, who in consultation with the Chair of the Accreditation Subcommittee and the PMCV Medical Director will take the appropriate action.
In order to fulfill requirements in relation to accreditation of intern and PGY2 training program, facilities are required to provide a significant amount of information in applications and submissions which may be sensitive.

Information obtained during an accreditation visit will be treated by PMCV, the survey team and external surveyors as in confidence. Matters concerning the accreditation should only be discussed with the facility staff concerned and Accreditation Subcommittee members.  

At the completion of the review, all information provided to PMCV will be securely filed and information provided to survey team members will be securely destroyed.  PMCV may conduct research on this information from time to time but reports containing the results of this research will be de-identified.   None of the material provided to PMCV is made public although applications and submissions should be prepared as public documents as they may be subject to FoI requests.