AMC Review of PMCV


A PMCV progress report to the AMC was submitted in September 2018

pdf   PMCV progress report September 2018

A PMCV progress report to the AMC was submitted in September 2017

pdf   PMCV progress report September 2017

A PMCV progress report to the AMC was submitted in September 2016

pdf   PMCV progress report September 2016


PMCV sent a submission to the AMC for the review on 17 April 2015 and an AMC Team conducted a review of PMCV in July 2015 including observation of accreditation activities and interviews with stakeholders.The final accreditation report was completed by the AMC in November 2015 and PMCV has been approved as an intern training accreditation body for five years until March 2020.

pdf   AMC Accreditation Report 2015


pdf   PMCV submission to AMC 2015

 Supporting Documentation

pdf   Appendix 1 List of all accredited intern training facilities in 2015

pdf   Appendix 2 List of accredited intern training programs in Victoria 2014

pdf   Appendix 3 List of accredited intern posts in Victoria 2015

pdf   Appendix 4 PMCV Organisation Structure

pdf   Appendix 6 Stategic Plan

pdf   Appendix 7 Accreditation subcommittee terms of reference

pdf   Appendix 10 PMCV Annual Report 2013 14

pdf   Appendix 12 Membership of Accreditation subcommittee 2015

pdf   Appendix 14 PMCV Accreditation Survey Team Member Position Description

pdf   Appendix 15 Conflict of Interest Policy

pdf   Appendix 18 Evaluation of 2014 PMCV accreditation program

pdf   Appendix 22 Application for Provisional Accreditation of a New Intern Post

pdf   Appendix 23 PMCV Accreditation Submission including Standards

pdf   Appendix 24 Accreditation of Intern Terms guidelines

pdf   Appendix 27 PMCV Duration of Accreditation Applications Communication and Monitoring Guidelines

pdf   Appendix 30 Certificate of Accreditation 2014 template

pdf   Appendix 33 PMCV Supervision of Junior Doctors Guidelines

pdf   Appendix 37 PMCV Appeals of Accreditation Decisions Policy

pdf   Appendix 40 2015 Guide for Interns in Victoria

pdf   Appendix 41 Cross border prevocational placement accreditation