Performance Assessment and Management of Interns

The requirements for performance assessment and management of interns are critical to ensuring interns have satisfactorily completed the requirements for full registration as defined in the standard.

The National Intern Training Framework requires that assessment be based on interns achieving outcomes in intern training – intern outcome statements. The assessing and certifying completion of internship document contains the national standards relating to assessment, good assessment practice principles, and outlines remediation processes that would satisfy the national requirements. The term assessment form is designed to facilitate assessment against these outcome statements.

Facilities can download the intern term assessment form from the AMC website

The Confederation of Postgraduate Medical Education Councils (CPMEC) has recognised that there is a need to support MEOs, DCTs/DPETs, and interns in the implementation of the new AMC assessment processes.  To assist you in transitioning to the new system the following resources have been developed:
•    Tips for implementation
•    PowerPoint for supervisors
•    PowerPoint for interns

PMCV Performance Assessment and Feedback Guidelines for Junior Doctors>>