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The Postgraduate Medical Council of Victoria administers a Computer Matching Service to allocate Intern, HMO, BPT, Medical Radiations and Graduate Nurse/Midwife positions in Victorian Hospital. The Service aims to simplify hospitals' appointment system and is conducted at the request of the Victorian Department of Health.

Computer Matching is purely a mathematical process which matches the preferences of both hospitals and candidates. The matching algorithm was designed to be impartial to both hospitals/health services and candidates.

The PMCV runs the following matches:

  • Medical Internship Match
  • HMO Match
  • Basic Physician Training (BPT) Match
  • Medical Radiations Match
  • Graduate Nurse & Graduate Midwifery Match
  • Radiology Registrar Match

The matching service is conducted online. Our online system enables candidates and hospitals to register, submit their preferences, edit preference rankings and view the results of matching.

For more information please visit our Computer Matching Website:


Information on the matching website includes:

  • Schedule of dates
  • Hospital Directories
  • How to apply for positions at Victorian hospitals/health services
  • Eligibility Criteria
  • Referee Assessment Forms
  • Notification of Match results

Further information:


Telephone: +61 3 9670 1066