Am I the subject of BAD Behaviour?

The impact of workplace bullying on the individual is often brutal, damaging ones psychological and physical health .

The effects of BAD behaviour may include;  depression, anxiety, substance mis-use, relationship breakdowns, loss of confidence, low morale, sleep disturbances, feeling worthless, nausea, body pains, inability to work and intentional self harm.

Am I the subject of BAD behaviour? Have I witnessed BAD behaviour in my workplace?

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Sometimes it can be difficult to know if the behaviour you are experiencing is BAD. Getting a friend or colleague to objectively review the behaviour to determine if it meets the definition of workplace bullying can help provide reassurance.

In reviewing the behaviour, the following questions provide a good framework for consideration:

Is the behaviour being repeated?

Is the behaviour unreasonable?

Is the behaviour creating a risk to your health and safety?

I am the subject of BAD behaviour; I have witnessed BAD behaviour

What can I do?

Recognise  and take action against the effect the workplace BAD behaviour is having on your life. Taking  care of yourself is the most important thing you can do. Seek help if the effects are imposing on your health.

The BAD behaviour is continuing; What else can I do?

If you are unable to resolve the BAD behaviour within your organisation, you can take the matter further:

For cases of discrimination:


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