PMCV Accreditation Guide 2018 v1 Postgraduate Medical Council of Victoria Inc. 9 2. THE PMCV ACCREDITATION PROCESS PMCV assessment for accreditation of a facility occurs from a program perspective, using the PMCV accreditation standards and also involves assessment of each intern and PGY2 post with the key considerations being clinical supervision, clinical content/workload and educational value. The accreditation process essentially involves: 1. Submission of an application for a new post or re-accreditation evidence (including self- assessment against the accreditation standards) by the facility. 2. Review of the new application by the PMCV Accreditation Committee or review of the re-accreditation submission, including pre-visit junior doctor survey data by a survey team. 3. A survey visit to a new facility or for re-accreditation of a currently accredited program. 4. Survey report and duration of accreditation and develop conditions for compliance or recommendations for improvement as appropriate3 (for a survey visit). Facility has the opportunity to review the findings. 5. Review and approval of the new application or of the survey team report, and finalisation of accreditation outcomes by the PMCV Accreditation Committee. 6. Provision of further information in regard a new application or response to the survey report by the facility. 7. Final approval of accreditation by PMCV Accreditation Committee. 8. Ongoing reporting by facility to PMCV including review of new posts and/or progress or mid-cycle reviews of accreditation which includes ongoing self-reflection by facility in regard to standards. 9. Ongoing monitoring by facility including notification of changes to PMCV. 10. Back to step 1. It is important that accreditation assessments are impartial and fair and free from bias hence conflict of interest is an important consideration for both the PMCV Accreditation Committee and survey teams (Section 3.10). Confidentiality is also an important consideration and PMCV requires all members of the committee and survey teams to keep material provided through the accreditation process confidential and to only use such information for the purpose of accreditation assessment (Section 3.9) 2.1 PMCV accreditation standards The PMCV accreditation standards explicitly outline the requirements to be met by facilities in the delivery of intern and PGY2 education and training. PMCV may accredit a program or posts if it is reasonably satisfied that they meet the accreditation standards. PMCV may also accredit a program or posts that substantially meet the accreditation standards where conditions or recommendations are set which must be met in a reasonable time period. The junior doctor training programs provided by facilities must meet the PMCV accreditation standards and are assessed against the standards across these domains: 1. The context in which prevocational medical training is delivered. 2. Organisational purpose. 3 Refer to Glossary (page 8) for definitions of conditions and recommendations