PMCV Accreditation Guide 2018 v1 Postgraduate Medical Council of Victoria Inc. 10 3. The intern/PGY2 training program. 4. The training program - Teaching and learning. 5. Assessment of learning. 6. Monitoring and evaluation. 7. Implementing the education and training framework - junior doctors. 8. Implementing the training framework -Delivery of educational resources. In preparation for assessment for accreditation, facilities are expected to rate themselves against each standard using a four-point rating scale4 (for re-accreditation) and provide evidence to demonstrate their compliance with each standard by completing the Accreditation Submission (available on the PMCV website). Close liaison with the Accreditation Manager during this process is encouraged. 2.2 Duration of accreditation decisions PMCV may accredit a program or posts if it is reasonably satisfied that they meet the accreditation standards. PMCV may also accredit a program or posts that substantially meet the accreditation standards where conditions or recommendations are set which must be met in a reasonable time period in order to meet the standards. The recommended duration of accreditation will be determined for the overall prevocational medical training program provided by the parent facility or rotation site, as well as individual prevocational medical training posts. PMCV has a four-year accreditation cycle supported by mid-cycle reviews and new post progress reviews. The options available for re-accreditation of prevocational medical training programs and posts are: a) Accreditation for a period of four years subject to satisfactory progress reports as required. b) Accreditation for a period of four years subject to certain conditions being met within a defined timeframe and to satisfactory progress reports as required. c) Accreditation for a period of 12 months with an extension for up to a further three years subject to certain conditions being met. This applies to all new programs and posts which will be approved provisional accreditation subject to a review in the year of commencement. Accreditation of new posts may be refused or accreditation of individual posts or for a facility training program may be withdrawn if PMCV considers that the facility cannot meet the accreditation standards or in situations where significant issues have been identified that the facility has been unable to address or acknowledges cannot be rectified to satisfactorily meet the accreditation standards. Prior to withdrawal of accreditation, PMCV will consider all possible options for addressing deficiencies and will ensure that such a decision does not disadvantage junior doctors and, where possible, will take into consideration recruitment and rotation timelines. Failure to demonstrate compliance with a specific condition following a survey visit may also result in accreditation of a post being withdrawn. A decision to withdraw accreditation will only be made by the PMCV Board following recommendation from the PMCV Accreditation Committee and, in these instances, PMCV will notify the facility in writing of the decision, the reasons and the procedures available for review of this decision. 4 Met with merit, Met, Substantially met, Not met. See Glossary (page 8)