PMCV Accreditation Guide 2018 v1 Postgraduate Medical Council of Victoria Inc. 12 • Changes to unit medical staffing resulting in junior doctors, particularly interns, undertaking higher/ alternative clinical duties than as described in the accredited rotation term description for an extended period. • Significant changes to patient casemix or clinical activity that impact on junior doctor patient load, and clinical learning, for an extended period. Depending on the nature of the change, it may be assessed using a paper based process or may require a site visit. The options available for granting accreditation of changes to existing prevocational medical training programs and posts are as for re-accreditation of programs and posts. 2.4 Processes for applying for accreditation The PMCV Accreditation Committee reviews all applications for accreditation. Facilities are strongly encouraged to contact the Accreditation Manager prior to completing any applications to ensure the process adopted is appropriate. Accreditation documents, which must be completed to apply for accreditation, are: a) Re-accreditation of programs and posts: Re-accreditation involves a survey visit. Facilities must complete the PMCV Accreditation Submission. This process will usually be initiated by the Accreditation Manager in the year prior to the scheduled survey visit with the submission due two months prior to the survey visit. b) Accreditation of new posts involves a paper-based assessment (if the facility itself is already accredited) or a visit may be required if this is a new rotation site. Facilities should complete the PMCV Application form for accreditation of new intern post or the Application form for quality review of new PGY2 post and forward to the PMCV Accreditation Committee for review at least two months prior to the proposed recruitment period. c) Accreditation of new programs: This process is a combination of those outlined in points a) and b). All application forms should be forwarded to PMCV at least six months prior to the proposed recruitment period. The proposal to establish a new training program would initially be discussed with the Accreditation Manager. Survey visits are normally required prior to the commencement of any new prevocational programs or posts at facilities that have not been previously accredited. For rotation sites, the parent health service is invited to the initial site visit but not to subsequent visits. d) Accreditation of a change to program or posts: Initial notification can be in the form of an email to the Accreditation Manager to determine the documentation requirements and process for review depending on the impact on junior doctors especially in terms of clinical supervision or clinical learning. This notification should be received by PMCV at least 6 weeks prior to commencement of the change or as soon as possible. Refer to Appendix B which provides detail on changes to be notified and potential consequences.