PMCV Accreditation Guide 2018 v1 Postgraduate Medical Council of Victoria Inc. 16 Mid-cycle reviews A mid-cycle review occurs two years after the survey visit. The mid-cycle review process focuses on conditions and recommendations, changes to the program or posts since the previous visit and involves junior doctor feedback. Self- evaluation against the accreditation standards is not part of this process although feedback is sought in regards to those that were not met at the previous survey visit. The facility will be provided with a mid-cycle review template four months prior to the due date for the report. Progress reports All new prevocational medical training posts will be provisionally accredited for 12 months. Extension of accreditation up to three years is dependent upon two factors: i. Completion of the self-assessment form by the facility; and ii. Satisfactory feedback from junior medical staff (PMCV survey). The facility will be provided with a progress report template, four months prior to the due date for the report. Decisions on progress reports Following receipt of the progress report from the facility, the PMCV Accreditation Committee will: i. Determine whether the report indicates that the facility continues to meet accreditation standards and may recommend ongoing accreditation with or without further conditions; ii. Determine whether further information is needed to make a decision. In these instances, the Committee will write to the facility defining the information required and providing a deadline for submission. iii. Determine whether, due to significant concerns, the facility is at risk of not satisfying the accreditation standards. In relation to points ii) and iii) PMCV may determine that an extraordinary survey visit is required. Ongoing monitoring by facilities Apart from the formal progress and mid-cycle reviews coordinated by PMCV, facilities are expected to monitor prevocational medical training programs and posts to ensure they continue to meet requirements between survey visits according to accreditation standard 8.2.2 and communicate any concerns, issues or changes to PMCV in accordance with accreditation standard 1.2.2. In particular, Standard 8.2.2 requires review of posts in relation to the following criteria: • Complexity and volume of the unit’s workload • The intern/PGY2’s workload • The experience interns/PGY2s can expect to gain • How the intern/PGY2 will be supervised, and by whom This includes: i. Continuous collection of evidence including collated trainee survey during the cycle; and ii. Review of intern annual allocation plans against the list of accredited intern posts published on the PMCV website to ensure compliance with training requirements.