PMCV Accreditation Guide 2018 v1 Postgraduate Medical Council of Victoria Inc. 17 2.8 Communication of accreditation processes and outcomes Planned survey visits and accreditation decisions regarding facilities will be notified to the relevant parent health service or training program. PMCV will also advise relevant rotational sites should there be any major accreditation issues or intention to withdraw accreditation of prevocational medical training at the parent health service. All such correspondence will be copied to the surveyed health service. The following will be made available on the PMCV Website under Accreditation: • Facilities/programs granted PMCV accreditation. • Accreditation standards, policies and guidelines. • Annual survey visit schedule. • Detail on all the posts accredited for intern training including: i. The parent health service associated with each program and post ii. Location of the post being accredited iii. Department in which term is located iv. Type of term - emergency medical care, surgery, medicine or other (please specify discipline) v. Date of accreditation decision vi. Date of expiry of accreditation • A summary of the outcomes of the accreditation survey visit (from 2018). 2.9 Appeals against accreditation decisions A facility may appeal against the accreditation outcomes determined by PMCV following a survey visit or seek reconsideration and review of PMCV accreditation recommendations. Refer to PMCV Appeals of Accreditation Decisions Policy available on the PMCV website (