PMCV Accreditation Guide 2018 v1 Postgraduate Medical Council of Victoria Inc. 18 3. THE ACCREDITATION SURVEY VISIT Site visits are a key aspect of the accreditation process. An accreditation survey visit is conducted every four years for re-accreditation and also for assessment of new facilities or prevocational medical training programs. In addition, if issues are raised in regards to the prevocational medical training offered at a particular facility outside scheduled survey visits, PMCV will investigate and may undertake an extraordinary survey visit to review. 3.1 The survey visit process This survey visit process, which involves assessment of the overall training program as well as individual posts, has three stages: Pre-survey visit (preparation) This includes arranging the date of the site visit, determining the membership of the survey team, completion of the Accreditation Submission by the facility (self-assessment against the accreditation standards) and collection of feedback from junior doctors in regards to the terms they have completed. Survey teams are also expected to participate in a pre-visit meeting, two to three weeks prior to the visit to discuss the submission and prepare for the survey visit. The survey visit This includes examination of documentary evidence provided by the facility, analysis of junior doctor feedback and meetings with key staff, including junior doctors and senior medical staff. This process usually includes a tour of the training facilities. Report and accreditation decision Following the visit, the survey team prepares a survey report, the findings of which are sent to the facility for factual review. The final report, which includes recommendations by the survey team in regards to compliance with intern training requirements and the accreditation standards as well as recommendations for improvement, is then considered by the PMCV Accreditation Committee, resulting in a recommendation on the duration and status of accreditation awarded to a facility in regards to the training program as well individual posts. The report also includes evaluation by the survey team (using the same rating scale used by the facility) against the accreditation standards. A summary of the PMCV survey visit process is shown in Appendix A. 3.2 Timelines for the survey visit In general, survey visits for re-accreditation are conducted between May and September each year and the facilities to be assessed by survey visit are contacted in the year prior to commence the process. Visits outside this period are scheduled on an ‘as required’ basis and are generally the result of applications for new training programs, for posts at facilities not previously accredited or when specific issues or concerns are raised at an accredited site. Facilities are expected to seek accreditation of new programs or posts at least 6 months prior to the expected recruitment period.