PMCV Accreditation Guide 2018 v1 Postgraduate Medical Council of Victoria Inc. 19 3.3 Preparation for the survey visit When preparing for the survey visit, the facility should allow sufficient time to complete the required documentation and arrange the meetings to ensure maximum attendance. The facility must allocate a dedicated staff member to work with the PMCV Accreditation Manager to facilitate the survey visit throughout the whole process. Prior to the survey visit the following is required: • Arrangement of the date for the survey visit with the PMCV Accreditation Manager and Team Leader(s). • Completion of the PMCV Accreditation Submission, including collation of documentary evidence, by the required deadline (usually two months prior to the visit date). This includes a self-assessment of the facility in relation to the accreditation standards. • Completion of application for any new posts to be assessed at the visit. This work should be completed no later than two months prior to the survey visit and can be forwarded to the Accreditation Manager electronically. 3.4 The survey team Refer Accreditation Survey Team Member Position Description. PMCV accreditation relies on volunteer team leaders and surveyors drawn from medical education and training in health service, general practices and other settings. Every year PMCV organises a surveyor training workshop in March and sends a general invitation to all health services and other stakeholder groups to seek volunteer surveyors. There is also a Team Leader Forum held each year and PMCV invites experienced surveyors to become part of this group (their first 1-2 visits are conducted with a mentor who is an experienced team leader). Surveyors (other than junior doctors) generally will have had a minimum of two years’ experience in their professional role and their facility’s Director of Medical Services or equivalent should support their nomination as a surveyor. A survey team normally comprises four people with medical administration, medical education (has specific knowledge of junior doctor education and support), senior clinician (has experience of supervising junior doctors) and junior doctor representation. A member who has expertise in the type of facility being assessed will also be included. Each team has a nominated Team Leader who has a range of responsibilities outlined in a later section and is supported by the Accreditation Manager (provide support and is the liaison between the team and the facility). A community surveyor may also participate in the visit as an additional member. Where a survey team has any concerns about the performance of any of the members of the team, those concerns should be raised immediately with the Chair, Accreditation subcommittee and/or the Accreditation Manager. The Chair of the PMCV Accreditation Committee and the Team Leader determine the composition and membership of survey teams for the visit, following expressions of interest from surveyors to participate. Facilities have the opportunity to review and approve the proposed members of a survey team. The performance of survey team members is assessed informally via the team leader and formally though feedback from the facility following the survey visit.