PMCV Accreditation Guide 2018 v1 Postgraduate Medical Council of Victoria Inc. 20 3.5 Pre-visit meeting of survey team A meeting of the survey team, usually by teleconference, occurs 2-3 weeks prior to the visit to discuss the following points: i. Review submission and identify points to be clarified and further information to be sought from facility. This is supported by the Surveyor Assessment Template which is continually updated throughout the process to reflect the teams evolving views. ii. Review conditions and recommendations from previous visit. iii. Review intern/PGY2 survey results. iv. Develop a plan for the visit including delegation of responsibilities to survey team members (team members not to communicate directly with facility to avoid conflict of interest or any possible appeals). Facilities may be requested to provide further information or clarification, following this meeting. 3.6 Timetable of the survey visit It is essential to the assessment process that the survey team meets with both junior and senior medical staff and the facility should make every effort to ensure that they are available to meet with the team on the survey visit day. For the visit the facility is requested to provide one room for the whole day from around 8am to 5pm to allow the team time for discussion pre- and post the survey visit meetings with facility staff. Car parking may also need to be provided and, should the visit require visits to multiple sites adequate travel time must be allowed. The timetable for the visit should be finalised two months prior to the visit. A template is provided for preparation of the timetable from the PMCV Accreditation Manager. The timetable for the survey visit should include the following: • An introductory meeting of the survey team with the facility executive including the Chief Executive Officer, the Director of Medical Services (or delegates), Medical Administration staff and Medical Education staff including the Supervisor of Intern Training and Directors of Clinical Training. This meeting sets the scene in terms of the governance and strategic direction of the facility as well as addressing issues from the previous survey visit and any that are current. • A meeting with the Supervisor of Intern Training and/or Director of Clinical Training following the meetings with junior and senior medical staff. • A meeting or meetings, preferably immediately after the introductory meeting, separately with interns and PGY2 staff. As a minimum the team must meet with interns from each post (or group of posts) and at least 60% of PGY2s on-site. • A meeting with term supervisors and other senior medical staff responsible for prevocational supervision. This meeting should include the term supervisors of the intern positions to be accredited. As a minimum the team must meet with one term supervisor per core intern term and the term supervisors for all new terms. • A meeting with registrars and nurse unit managers who work with junior doctors. • A tour of the facilities including HMO lounge, 1-2 wards (review of HMO workspace)/ storage of belongings/ library and education/ simulation centre. • A debriefing session of the survey team with relevant senior staff of the facility. • Time must be allocated in the day for the survey team to prepare at the start of the day, in the middle of the day for an update and prior to the de-briefing, and to write the report at the end of the day.