PMCV Accreditation Guide 2018 v1 Postgraduate Medical Council of Victoria Inc. 21 3.7 Feedback to the facility The feedback session, or debrief, is an important component of the survey visit. This session provides the facility with a sense of the overall outcomes of the visit, although specific duration of accreditation recommendations will not be discussed. The focus of the feedback session will be on the positives but the team will also briefly advise facility representatives about the issues identified so that there are no unexpected recommendations in the final survey report. The facility is encouraged to respond to any issues that the survey team may raise. If there are difficulties between the views of the facility and the survey team during the feedback session, the team leader may decide to further investigate to verify the information received and explore possible solutions. 3.8 Report and recommendations Following the visit, the survey team prepares a comprehensive survey report within one month of the visit. The findings (not including outcomes or recommendations) are then sent to the facility to review for factual errors. The survey report is then considered by the PMCV Accreditation Committee resulting in recommendations in regards to the duration of accreditation awarded to the facility for its intern and PGY2 training programs and specific posts. The findings of the survey team (draft report excluding accreditation outcomes and recommendations) is provided to the facility to review for ‘factual errors’ prior to submission of the final report to the PMCV Accreditation Committee. The full report is forwarded to the facility and a response is sought from the facility in relation to the recommendations in the report within a specified timeframe. After the PMCV Accreditation Committee has made its decision in regards to duration of accreditation, it seeks endorsement of its recommendations from the PMCV Board and from the Victorian Branch of the MBA (for intern posts). An accreditation certificate (framed) is sent to the facility at the end of the process. 3.9 Confidentiality “Confidential Information” in the course of the PMCV Accreditation Committee or survey team member’s duties means all information made available to the committee or survey team member, whether orally or in writing, or otherwise made available by any means whatsoever, whilst the committee or survey team member is performing the duties as a committee or survey team member. In order to discharge its accreditation function, the PMCV requires facilities undergoing assessment and accreditation to provide considerable information in accreditation submissions and in subsequent progress reports. This may include sensitive information, such as strategic plans, staff plans, budgets, honest appraisal of strengths and weaknesses and commercial-in-confidence material. Information related to an accreditation visit, such as the facility submission, contents of previous survey reports or associated material or data, must be treated by the survey team members in confidence and not disclosed either directly or indirectly. Matters concerning the accreditation should only be discussed with the facility staff and other survey team members. Survey team members should also treat with confidence all information and discussions provided by other team members during the review.