PMCV Accreditation Guide 2018 v1 Postgraduate Medical Council of Victoria Inc. 22 Survey team members must ensure that: • All confidential information accessed as a result of their work as a surveyor for the PMCV including information provided by the facility, documents relating to any previous survey visit and any report authored or co-authored in this capacity is confidential and will be used for the sole purpose of fulfilling the role as a surveyor and member of the PMCV. • Take all reasonable steps to ensure that any unauthorised person does not have an opportunity to inspect or otherwise have access to the confidential information where "unauthorised person" means any person other than those persons permitted by the PMCV to have access to the information. • At the completion of the accreditation process, forward all hard copy material to the Accreditation Manager for confidential disposal and make all reasonable efforts to permanently delete all electronic information pertaining to the visit. The PMCV retains the following materials (electronically): • Accreditation submission with a complete set of supporting material (evidence). • Additional documents gathered which contributed to the survey team’s assessment. • A copy of final logistics information, including the budget, travel schedule, the assessment visit program. • Official correspondence with team members. • The final reports on surveys undertaken and stakeholder submissions, definitive drafts of the accreditation report, including the draft report sent to the facility for comment, their response, the draft version sent to the PMCV Accreditation Committee and the final report endorsed by the Committee to be sent to the facility, and their formal response to the recommendations. • Relevant subcommittee meeting agendas and minutes concerning the assessment. • Correspondence about the assessment with the facility being accredited. • Post-assessment evaluation and feedback information. The PMCV securely destroys the following materials: • Documents or correspondence that contains team members’ interim ideas or views in relation to the assessment findings, other hand-written or electronically stored notes. • Aside from official correspondence, any draft information relating to substantive aspects of the assessment. 3.10 Conflict of interest Survey team members must ensure that they disclose any actual, potential or apparent conflict of interest as required as a result of their work as a surveyor for the PMCV. ‘Conflict of Interest’ includes any situation where a survey team member or the member’s partner, family member, employer or close family friend has a direct or indirect financial or other interest which influences or may appear to influence proper consideration or decision making by the survey team on a matter or proposed matter. Examples of conflict of interests include: • Current or previous employment (< 3 years) at the parent or rotation health service to be surveyed (this excludes immediate previous hospital experience for junior doctors). • Professional or financial involvement in the facility. • Current application for employment at the facility.