PMCV Accreditation Guide 2018 v1 Postgraduate Medical Council of Victoria Inc. 6 1.7 PMCV secretariat The Accreditation Manager is the single point of contact for all prevocational medical training accreditation matters including any matters pertaining to a specific survey visit, rather than Committee members, survey team leaders or surveyors. The Accreditation Manager provides secretariat support to the Accreditation Committee, relevant working groups and survey teams. The Accreditation Manager also coordinates the processes for accreditation of new training programs and posts (as required) and re-accreditation of facilities that provide junior doctor training programs and posts. This role includes management of the following: • Annual re-accreditation schedule including communication with the facilities during the entire process; • Application process of accreditation for new facilities and posts; • Training of new surveyors and the establishment of appropriate survey teams; • Development, review and implementation of policies, guidelines and forms, in consultation with stakeholder groups; and • Preparation of reports for the MBA and DHHS and as required. While the Accreditation Manager will provide as much assistance and advice as possible in regards to the accreditation process, facilities/ training program providers are solely responsible for their preparation for accreditation. 1.8 Junior medical staff participation in accreditation The involvement of junior doctors in the PMCV accreditation process is vital. Junior doctors can contribute to the overall accreditation process by membership of the PMCV Accreditation Committee and participation on survey teams. Junior doctors can also contribute to the assessment of their own training program and the terms they have undertaken by: • Completing the online survey distributed by email prior to the survey visit. The facility is asked to forward an electronic link to a confidential questionnaire to all intern and PGY2 junior doctors currently working at the facility. This survey asks specific questions regarding terms they have undertaken. The results of the survey are provided to survey team members; however, the facility does not see these results. • Participating in the confidential meetings of the survey team with interns and PGY2s at the survey visit. 1.9 Review of PMCV as an accrediting body Under the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme, the Australian Medical Council (AMC) is responsible for review and accreditation of authorities that accredit intern-training programs in each jurisdiction against the Procedures for assessment and accreditation of intern training accreditation authorities2 . In Victoria, the intern accreditation function is undertaken by the PMCV which has been accredited by the AMC as an intern training accreditation authority for five years to 31 March 2020. PMCV submits progress reports annually. 2 Available on AMC Intern Training Framework website (