The Council is governed by a Board, which has responsibility for managing the business and affairs of the Council. The Board has established 5 subcommittees to assist it in the performance of its functions.

Key Responsibilities

The affairs of the Council shall be managed by the Board. (Rule 22.1).

The Rules set out the responsibilities of the Board:

  • must meet at least 4 times in each year (Rule 27.1);
  • may exercise all such powers and functions other than those powers and functions required by the Rules to be exercsied in general meetings of the members of Council (Rule 22.2 (b);
  • may establish any other committee as the Board considers necessary to provide assistance to it carrying out its objects and functions under the Rules (Rule 22.2 (c));
  • must appoint office bearers (Chairperson, Deputy Chairperson and Treasurer ) (Rule 23.1);
  • must appoint the Secretary (who shall not be  a member of the Board (Rule 23.5)
  • must authorize the use of the official seal to be affixed to any document (Rule 37);
  • must establish processes for paying outstanding trading debts of the Council (Rule 36);
  • must fix the date and location of the AGM and notify members in advance (Rules 10.1-10.4);
  • must appoint an Auditor (Rule 41);
  • may authorize the expulsion of a Board member by resolution (Rule 8.1-8.6); and
  • may resolve to wind-up the Council (Rule 103).