Accreditation Committee

The purpose of the Accreditation Committee is:

To develop, monitor and evaluate accreditation standards and processes that support education and training of JMOs and address any concerns about patient safety or JMO safety in a variety of clinical settings.

Key Responsibilities

The Accreditation Committee is one of four committees established by PMCV and is responsible for the accreditation and monitoring of intern and PGY2 training programs and posts in Victoria. The Committee has a broad membership representing a range of key stakeholder groups and meets monthly at least ten times per year.

Essentially, the Committee’s role is to promote excellence in clinical training, appropriate educational and learning experiences and effective supervision through accreditation of intern and PGY2 posts to ensure the highest standards of patient safety and medical care.

The Committee reviews all accreditation survey reports, mid-cycle reviews and applications for new intern/PGY2 posts and makes recommendations for endorsement to the PMCV Board. The Committee also makes recommendations regarding a range of other matters such as development and review of policies and guidelines to support prevocational medical training and accreditation, which are forwarded to the PMCV Board for consideration.

Decisions in regards to intern accreditation are then forwarded to the Medical Board of Australia (Victorian Board) in 6-monthly reports and an annual report is also provided.

An annual report is presented to the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services in regards to PGY2 accreditation.

Conflict of interest is an important consideration for the Committee. Members are required to complete a standard conflict of interest agreement prior to their first meeting and are also required to declare potential conflict of interest in relation to any item at every meeting. Members may then be required to be excluded from decision-making on that item by absenting themselves during discussion of that item.

PMCV Secretariat

The PMCV secretariat, via the Accreditation Manager, supports the Accreditation Committee, relevant working groups and survey teams. The Accreditation Manager also coordinates the processes for accreditation of new posts and re-accreditation of facilities that provide junior doctor training programs and posts.

The Accreditation Manager is the single point of contact for all prevocational medical training accreditation matters including any matters pertaining to a specific survey visit, rather than survey team leaders and surveyors.

While the Accreditation Manager will provide as much assistance and advice as possible in regards to the accreditation process, facilities are solely responsible for their preparation for accreditation.

Terms of Reference

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