Research and projects

Monash Malaysia medical school graduates - transition into internship in Victoria

The Postgraduate Medical Council of Victoria Inc. (PMCV) undertook a small project to investigate the transition and experience of Monash Malaysia medical school graduates who have completed their internship in Victoria.


At the PMCV Symposium in May 2015 a structured forum was held:  ‘Re-defining IMGs and their emerging issues’. The forum focussed on a number of identified changes impacting on IMGs and how the PMCV IMG subcommittee in collaboration with other key IMG stakeholders could best move forward in managing IMG support.

As part of this discussion around advocacy and support mechanisms for IMGs, graduates from the Monash Malaysia medical school were identified as potentially having some similar issues and requirements for support as IMGs– for example issues around communication and cultural awareness were proposed.

The aim of this PMCV project was to identify if there was any evidence to support this hypothesis.

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National Scoping Study on International Medical Graduates

The Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing commissioned the Confederation of Postgraduate Medical Education Councils (CPMEC) to undertake a scoping project on overseas trained doctors. Professor Barry McGrath, chaired the Reference Group established to oversee and provide advice on the project.

The objectives of the national scoping project were to:

  • review existing resources relating to education, training, employment opportunities and ongoing support within the workforce available to overseas-trained doctors in Australia in order to gain an understanding of what is available,
  • analyse resources to identify gaps, and
  • establish a web site for the Confederation of Postgraduate Medical Education Councils (CPMEC) with links to state and territory postgraduate medical education councils.

The project was complted in April 2004 and a copy of the final report National Scoping Study on International Medical Graduates is available from the CPMEC website.

AMC candidates in the Victorian public hospital system

In 2001 the Victorian Department of Human Services (now Victorian Department of Health), commissioned the PMCV to review the needs of International Medical Graduates working in the Victorian hospital setting. Recommendations were made regarding gaps in the training and support of IMGs and the role and function of the PMCV in filling those gaps. The Report was delivered to the Department in May 2002.

Report on Overseas Trained Doctors in the Victorian Public Hospital System can be viewed at the Department of Health website.