Current projects

ROTATION Start and End Guidelines

The HMO Managers subcommittee endorsed the following which have been developed in an attempt to formalise and standardise the day and date of the end of rotation for junior medical staff (JMS) who move between home and rotation or secondment hospitals during an employment year.

PMCV Consensus on Rotation Start and End Time


Improving interactions between Medical Workforce Units and JMS


Medical administration and junior medical officers (JMOs) work closely together and their performance and relationship with each other can affect patient safety and professional development of JMOs. Despite their work being inter-related and sometimes dependent on each other, the relationship between the two groups appear largely negative in nature as demonstrated in 2009 Victorian JMO Welfare study. (unpublished).  Members of the  Victorian JMO Forum and Medical workforce managers determined to collaborate to clarify the issues which may negatively impact on their relationship.


During 2010 a Work Group was established to consider the factors which might be contributing to this negative relationship. Members of the Work Group included:

Dr Halina Lisnichuk and Dr Caitlin O'Mahony (JMS)

Ms Rosemary McKemmish, Ms Wende Thompson, Ms Sarah McConchie, Ms Cassandra Angelatos, Ms Lyn Orelli, and Mr Lawrence Hudson (Medical Workforce Unit representatives).  

The Work Group was supported by Ms Carol Jordon, Executive Officer, PMCV.

The Work Group designed a survey to elicit responses in five main areas:

a) Basis and description of the current relationships

b) Perceived positive factors in the relationships

c) Perceived negative factors in the relationships

d) Key factors of importance for positive working relationships

e) Key factors of importance affecting rostering and handover

 The survey also allowed for general comments and possible suggestions and solutions.

The survey was distributed to medical workforce administrators and junior doctors via SurveyMonkey in September/October 2010 and the results of the survey informed the development of guidelines to improve communication between JMOs and medical workforce units.

Best Practice Guidelines - Improving interactions between Medical Workforce Units and JMS


Rostering and Flexible Work Practices

The HMO Managers Group, Medical Education Officers and JMS have been discussing ways to implement flexible work practices. The PMCV has developed the following objectives in relation to rostering and flexible work practices:

  • Review outcomes of 2010 Workshop with HMO Managers/MEOs/JMOs and develop strategies for advertising and expanding the availability of flexible work practices; investigate whether part-time jobs can be advertised and filled via the Computer Matching system
  • Workshop ways of improving rosters to accommodate flexibility incorporating interstate examples.
  • Document good handover models for flexible work arrangements and disseminate
  • Develop checklist for flexible work practices to establish clear expectations of parties entering a flexible work arrangement